lookupPaywallLocalizations function Null safety

PaywallLocalizations lookupPaywallLocalizations(
  1. Locale locale


PaywallLocalizations lookupPaywallLocalizations(Locale locale) {

  // Lookup logic when only language code is specified.
  switch (locale.languageCode) {
    case 'de': return PaywallLocalizationsDe();
    case 'en': return PaywallLocalizationsEn();
    case 'es': return PaywallLocalizationsEs();

  throw FlutterError(
    'PaywallLocalizations.delegate failed to load unsupported locale "$locale". This is likely '
    'an issue with the localizations generation tool. Please file an issue '
    'on GitHub with a reproducible sample app and the gen-l10n configuration '
    'that was used.'