A Collection of common Paywall Strings

This Project is a common translation package for the package intl

This a community project, please submit your strings and translations! :-)


A paywall usually looks similar to others and the strings and translations are also the same.

Current Locales

  • de
  • en
  • es


Add PaywallLocalizations for your intl flutter delegate localizations

  // ...
  localizationsDelegates: [
    // ...
  // ...

Get your Strings with:


Or be confident and use our helper class to use en as the fallback when the language is not supported.


String Extensions

Capitalize a String Extension

/// E.g. "hello world" will become "Hello world"
"hello world".toCapitalized()

Title Case a String Extension

/// E.g. "hello world" will become "Hello World"
"hello world".toTitleCase()

How to contribute

  • Check out the project
  • Open the file lib > l10n > paywall_en.arb
  • Copy it with the language you would like to translate. e.g. paywall_es.arb
  • Run flutter pub get packages (this will generate the dart files)
  • Check out the folder: .dart_tool > flutter_gen > gen_l10n
  • Inside you will find your generated language (if you don't see it, delete the .dart_tool folder and run the command again)
  • Copy all files to lib > delegate.
  • Done! Commit, create a pull request, the community will definitely thank you!