PurchaseStateWrapper enum

Possible state of a PurchaseWrapper.

Wraps BillingClient.api.Purchase.PurchaseState.


pending → const PurchaseStateWrapper

The user has started the purchase process.

The user should follow the instructions that were given to them by the Play Billing Library to complete the purchase.

You can also choose to remind the user to complete the purchase if you detected a PurchaseWrapper is still in the pending state in the future while calling BillingClient.queryPurchases.

const PurchaseStateWrapper(2)
purchased → const PurchaseStateWrapper

The user has completed the purchase process.

The production should be delivered and then the purchase should be acknowledged.

const PurchaseStateWrapper(1)
unspecified_state → const PurchaseStateWrapper

The state is unspecified.

No actions on the PurchaseWrapper should be performed on this state. This is a catch-all. It should never be returned by the Play Billing Library.

const PurchaseStateWrapper(0)
values → const List<PurchaseStateWrapper>

A constant List of the values in this enum, in order of their declaration.

const List<PurchaseStateWrapper>


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index int

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