A Flutter plugin to store critical data in secure storage:

  • Keychain is used for iOS
  • AES encryption is used for Android. AES secret key is encrypted with RSA and RSA key is stored in KeyStore

Note KeyStore was introduced in Android 4.3 (API level 18). The plugin wouldn't work for earlier versions.

Getting Started

import 'package:impiger_securestroage/impiger_securestroage.dart';

// Create storage
final _storage = new StoreCriticalData();

//write String value
_storage.writeString(key: “key”, value: “value”);

// Read String value
String value = _storage.readString(key: "key");

//write Double value
_storage.writeDouble(key: “key”, value: “value”);

//Read Double value
final double value = _storage.readDoubleNew(key: "key");