StickerOptions class

Configuration options for Tool.sticker.


StickerOptions({List<StickerAction> actions, List<StickerCanvasAction> canvasActions, List<StickerCategory> categories, ColorPalette colors, TintMode defaultPersonalStickerTintMode, bool personalStickers})
Creates new StickerOptions.


actions List<StickerAction>
Defines all allowed actions for the sticker tool menu. Only buttons for allowed actions are visible and shown in the given order. [...]
canvasActions List<StickerCanvasAction>
Defines all allowed actions for the sticker tool that are displayed as overlay buttons on the canvas. Only buttons for allowed actions are visible. [...]
categories List<StickerCategory>
Defines all available stickers. Each sticker must be assigned to a category. New items and categories can be mixed and matched with existing ones. If this array is null the defaults are used but the sticker category with the identifier imgly_sticker_category_animated is only shown when editing videos. [...]
colors ColorPalette
Defines all available colors that can be applied to stickers with a tintMode other than TintMode.none. The color pipette is always added. [...]
defaultPersonalStickerTintMode TintMode
The default tint mode for personal stickers. [...]
hashCode int
The hash code for this object. [...]
read-only, inherited
personalStickers bool
If enabled the user can create personal stickers from the device's photo library. A button is added as first item in the menu in front of the sticker categories which modally presents an image selection dialog for personal sticker creation. Personal stickers will be added to a personal sticker category with the identifier "imgly_sticker_category_personal" which will be added between the button and the regular sticker categories if it does not exist. [...]
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toString() String
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