Image Tool

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A command-line tool which simplifies a task of placing image files into appropriate folders based on their resolution. Refer to for further information regarding how Flutter manages resolution-appropriate images. To put it another way, when you place your image assets in a Flutter project and run this plugin. It'll look into all images' filename and automatically move them to appropriate-resolution folders.

For example, if you place images in the asset folder as shown below:

+-- images/
|   +-- icons/
|   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- search@2x.png
|   |   +-- search@3x.png
|   +-- logo.png
|   +-- logo@2x.png
|   +-- logo@3x.png

After running this plugin (with a configuration file in the project's root directory), the images whose filename includes a resolution indicator will be moved as follows:

+-- images/
|   +-- 2.0x/
|   |   +-- logo.png
|   +-- 3.0x/
|   |   +-- logo.png
|   +-- icons/
|   |   +-- 2.0x/
|   |   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- 3.0x/
|   |   |   +-- search.png
|   |   +-- search.png
|   +-- logo.png

Getting Started

  1. Install the image_tool plugin by adding it in pubspec.yaml under dev_dependencies section and run flutter packages get
         image_tool: ^0.2.2
  2. Create a new configuration file called image_tool.yaml in the project's root directory
     # The organizer recursively looks into all files in the `asset_folder_path`. (relative to the project's root)
     asset_folder_path: assets/images/
     pubspec_path: example/pubspec.yaml
     # The organizer only arranges files with their extension listed in the `file_extensions`.
         - .jpg
         - .png
     # The organizer uses `resolution_indicator` to extract a resolution's part from the filename.
     # The `resolution_indicator` must conform to the following pattern:
     #   '[start_token]{N}[end_token]' where
     #       - [start_token]: A token that indicates a starting point of the resolution's part.
     #       - [end_token]: A token that indicates an ending point of the resolution's part.
     # Valid `resolution_indicator`s along with example filenames that they can detect are shown below.
     #   '@{N}x': logo@2x.png, logo@2.0x.png, @2.0xlogo.png
     #   '--{N}#': logo--2#.png, logo--2.0#.png, --2.0#logo.png
     resolution_indicator: '@{N}x'
     # If `allow_overwrite` is true when there is the same filename already existing in a target folder, the organizer will replace it.
     allow_overwrite: false
  3. Run the plugin in the project's root directory. See Available CLI Commands
     flutter packages pub run image_tool:main <command>

Note that this plugin can be installed globally by flutter packages pub global activate image_tool. Instead of typing a long command shown above, you can run it by just imgtool.

If you encounter an issue indicating dart: command not found, please install Dart separately first and try running again.

Available CLI Commands

[blank]Run this plugin once, add images to pubspec.yaml
runRun this plugin once, add images to pubspec.yaml
groupRun this plugin once, group images according to resolution
watchRun this plugin and watch for changes, group images according to resolution


  • If the plugin was installed globally, run it by:
      imgtool <command>
  • If the plugin was installed locally in a Flutter project, run it by:
      flutter packages pub run image_tool:main <command>