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Dart image resizer library for flutter.

It can write to the correct folder locations, create an archive and work across web and io.

Online Demo:

Included Folders:

  • IosIconsFolder
  • WebIconsFolder
  • MacOSIconsFolder
  • AndroidIconsFolder

This package is also meant to resize images at runtime too, or used for CLI purposes.

Getting Started

await _generateIcons('iOS Icons', IosIconsFolder());
await _generateIcons('Web Icons', WebIconsFolder());
await _generateIcons('MacOS Icons', MacOSIconsFolder());
await _generateIcons('Android Icons', AndroidIconsFolder());

Future _generateIcons(String key, ImageFolder folder) async {
    final _image = image.decodePng(_imageData);
    final _gen = IconGenerator();
    final _archive =
        await _gen.generateIcons(_image, folder, writeToDiskIO: false);
    if (mounted)
        setState(() {
        _files[key] = _archive;

Future _archive() async {
    final _gen = IconGenerator();
    List<FileData> _images = [];
    for (var key in _files.keys) {
        final _folder = _files[key];
    final _data = _gen.generateArchive(_images);
    await saveFile('', binaryData: _data);