Image Grid View

Grid view widget for single images.


Using similar APIs as the core Material library:

  • X GridImageView.memory
  • X GridImageView.file
  • GridImageView.asset


  • width / height: The width and height of the image (at least one of them must be specified).
  • verticalCount: Number of images per row.
  • horizontalCount: Number of images per column.
  • caseBuilder: Function builder for the sub-image.
  • placeholder: Placeholder widget for the whole grid view.
  • selectedDecoration: BoxDecoration for the selected image.
  • unselectedDecoration: BoxDecoration for the unselected image(s).
  • onTap: Callback function when an image is tapped.
  • onLongPress: Callback function when an image is long pressed.
  • selectionStream: Stream of Uint8List of the selected image.
  • tryThreading: Whether to try to use threads to load images (recommended to avoid UI blocking).
  • quality: Quality (in %) of the image after resizing (if necessary). Default is 100.


  • X Linux: Tested & stable
  • X Web: Tested & stable
  • Windows: Not tested yet
  • MacOS: Not tested yet
  • iOS: Not tested yet
  • Android: Not tested yet


  • image: Dart package used to resize & crop images
  • material: Dart core package used to build the UI


Download the example app and run it.

git clone
cd image_grid_view/example
flutter pub get
flutter run


This development of this package is still active.
Feel free to fork this repository and make a pull request. If you have any questions, please open an issue.