findDecoderForData function Null safety

Decoder? findDecoderForData(
  1. List<int> data

Find a Decoder that is able to decode the given image data. Use this is you don't know the type of image it is. Since this will validate the image against all known decoders, it is potentially very slow.


Decoder? findDecoderForData(List<int> data) {
  // The various decoders will be creating a Uint8List for their InputStream
  // if the data isn't already that type, so do it once here to avoid having to
  // do it multiple times.
  final bytes = data is Uint8List ? data : Uint8List.fromList(data);

  final jpg = JpegDecoder();
  if (jpg.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return jpg;

  final png = PngDecoder();
  if (png.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return png;

  final gif = GifDecoder();
  if (gif.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return gif;

  final webp = WebPDecoder();
  if (webp.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return webp;

  final tiff = TiffDecoder();
  if (tiff.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return tiff;

  final psd = PsdDecoder();
  if (psd.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return psd;

  final exr = ExrDecoder();
  if (exr.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return exr;

  final bmp = BmpDecoder();
  if (bmp.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return bmp;

  final tga = TgaDecoder();
  if (tga.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return tga;

  final ico = IcoDecoder();
  if (ico.isValidFile(bytes)) {
    return ico;

  return null;