A Dart library for using the IGDB.com API v3 https://api-docs.igdb.com/

It is highly recommended to read through the IGDB documentation to understand what exactly you can do with the API.


Premium features (including IGDB user authentication) are not supported and I don't currently have plans to add support for them as I don't have access to these.


To start using this, just add it to your pubspec:

pub package

See example/igdb_client_example.dart for a more in depth example of some of the things you can do with this client. Otherwise a simple example can be found below.

import 'package:igdb_client/igdb_client.dart';

var client = new IGDBClient(

var gamesResponse = await client.games(new IGDBRequestParameters(
  limit: 3


if (gamesResponse.isSuccess()) {
  // do something with gamesResponse.data
else {
  // do something depending on gamesResponse.error