humanize library


appNumber(int value) String
For numbers 1-9, return the number spelled out. Otherwise, return the number. This follows Associated Press style.
intComma(int value) String
Convert an integer to a string containing commas every three digits. For example, 3000 becomes '3,000' and 45000 becomes '45,000'.
intWord(int value) String
Convert a large integer to a friendly text representation. Works best for numbers over 1 million. For example, 1000000 becomes '1.0 million', 1200000 becomes '1.2 million' and '1200000000' becomes '1.2 billion'.
naturalDay(DateTime value) String
For date values that are tomorrow, today or yesterday compared to present day return representing string. Otherwise, return a string formatted according to settings.DATE_FORMAT.
naturalTime(DateTime value) String
For date and time values show how many seconds, minutes, or hours ago compared to current timestamp return representing string.
ordinal(int value) String
Convert an integer to its ordinal as a string. 1 is '1st', 2 is '2nd', 3 is '3rd', etc. works for any integer.