What it is

A basic compiler infrastructure for Learning how to create a compile without any compiler's compiler

Features and bugs

  • X a parser combinator library for parsing text
  • a set of AST nodes that can represent basic arithmetic operations and boolean operations
  • a machine code generator for WebAssembly

Please file feature requests and bugs at the tracker.


A simple parser combinator example:

import 'package:huevo/huevo.dart';

var inputSource = InputSource('This is A Parser Combinator'.split(''));
var whiteSpace = Parser.fromElement(' ');
var keywordThis = StringParser('This');
var keywordis = StringParser('is');
var keywordA = StringParser('A');
var keywordParser = StringParser('Parser');
var keywordCombinator = StringParser('Combinator');

var sentanceParser = Parser.join(
    [keywordThis, keywordis, keywordA, keywordParser, keywordCombinator],
var result = sentanceParser.parse(inputSource);