MqttBrokerConnection class

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MqttBrokerConnection({@required String server, @required int port, String clientIdentifier, String username, String password})


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connect(String lastWillTopic, Uint8List lastWillData, bool lastWillRetained, int lastWillQos) Future<Null>
Connects to the mqtt broker. The connection must respect the last will parameters. The connect method of each instance may only be called once. If it is called a second time on the same instance a StateError must be thrown.
disconnect() Future<Null>
Disconnects from the mqtt broker and cancels all subscriptions.
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publish(String topic, Uint8List data, bool retained, int qos) Future<Null>
Publishes data to topic with respect to retained. Awaiting the returned future should guarantee the publishing of the message to the broker with respect to the quality of service qos. A qos of 0 does not guarentee anything and might return immediately. If this is called while disconnecting, a DisconnectingError should be thrown
subscribe(String topic, int qos) Future<Stream<Uint8List>>
Subscribes to topic. Awaiting the returned future gives a Stream whichs events are incoming messages on the topic. If this is called while disconnecting, a DisconnectingError should be thrown.
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