HKID Validator Library

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HKID Validator Library, support HKID Validation and generated eight or nine digits validated HKID.

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To use this plugin, add hkid_validator as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


Here are small examples that show you how to use the HKIDValidator.

Validate the HKID

// Obtain HKIDValidator.
final hkidValidator = HKIDValidator();

// Check is HKID Validate or not; HKID - U443902 wuth Specific Character 0
bool isIdValid = HKIDValidator().isHKIDValid('U443902', '0');

Generate HKID

// Generate the Random Validate HKID with Eight or Nine digits
String hkid = HKIDValidator().genRanValidHKID(isEight: true);

// Generate the Validate HKID with eight number
String hkid = HKIDValidator().genValidHKID(isEight: true);

// Generate the Validate HKID with Nine number
String hkid = HKIDValidator().genValidHKID(isEight: false);```

Add Parentheses at the last character

String hkid = hkid.withPARES();

HKID Validator Demo

The UI of HKID Validator Web App, was inspired by icelam. A Flutter Web Demo for HKID Validator, this web demo is used to demonstrate the powerful of Flutter in Web Development and the usage of the packages called hkid_validator.