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Haskell-like functionality for Dart


  • ✅ Open Source
  • ✅ Fully Tested and Documented
  • ✅ Lightweight and Fast
  • ✅ Pure Dart (no Flutter dependencies)
  • ✅ Cross-platform


  • Maybe<T> - Represents a value or the absence of a value.
  • Either<L, R> - Represents a value of type L or a value of type R
  • Result<T> - Represents the result of a computation, either succeeding with a value, or failing with an error
  • RandomVariable<T> - Describes a variable with a random component, allowing for lazy evaluation and other utilities (convenient reuse/caching/mocking). Inspired by Haskell's strict handling of randomness


  • Iterable
    • head, tail, init, lastMaybe (to avoid naming conflicts)
    • fold1 - like fold but without an initial value
    • scan and scan1 - like fold, but returning an Iterable of all intermediate values
    • intersperse - inserts elements in between existing elements
  • int
    • 1.to(5) - a replacement for Haskell's [1..5]
    • 1.toInfinity() - a replacement for Haskell's [1..]

And More

  • curry and uncurry - easy partial function application in Dart
  • repeat and Iterable.cycle - create a list of repeating values


Suggestions, feedback and pull requests welcome at Github


Haskell-like functionality in Dart