BCHD gRPC web client for Flutter web projects

This package provides a gRPC web client for connecting directly to a BCHD full node.


import "package:grpc_bchrpc/grpc_bchrpc.dart";
final client = GrpcWebClient();
const txid = "11556da6ee3cb1d14727b3a8f4b37093b6fecd2bc7d577a02b4e98b7be58a7e8";
final res = await client.getRawTransaction(hash: hex.decode(txid), reversedHashOrder: true);
expect(res.transaction.length, 441);


$ dart test/client.spec.dart

Regenerate the stubs

If you want to regenerate the corresponding Dart files for protos/bchrpc.proto, you will need to have protoc version 3.0.0 or higher and the Dart protoc plugin version 0.7.9 or higher on your PATH.

To install protoc, see the instructions on the Protocol Buffers website.

The easiest way to get the Dart protoc plugin is by running

$ pub global activate protoc_plugin

and follow the directions to add ~/.pub-cache/bin to your PATH, if you haven't already done so.

You can now regenerate the Dart files by running

$ protoc --dart_out=grpc:lib/src/generated -Iprotos protos/bchrpc.proto