A simple starwars schema server adapted from the angel starwars example for use in testing graphql clients, such as graphql_flutter.

The schema it aims to implement is in schema.graphql, and the seed data is mostly in data.json. The server is heavily limited:

  • recursive relationships aren't supported
  • it doesn't serve a schema
  • a lot of mutations seem broken

To run, add as a dependency and

pub run graphql_starwars_test_server
  # --host
  # --port 3000

Here are some working test operations:

mutation {
  modifyHuman(id: "1001", data:{ name: "Anikin" } ){
     id, name, friends { name }

  humans {
    id, name, friends { name }

subscription reviewAdded {
  reviewAdded {
    stars, commentary, episode

The server will generate a fake review for testing streams every 10 seconds, unless the env variable GENERATE_REVIEWS=false