mirrors library


convertDartClass(Type type, [ List<Type> typeArguments ]) GraphQLObjectType
Shorthand for convertDartType, for when you know the result will be an object type.
convertDartType(Type type, [ List<Type> typeArguments ]) GraphQLType
Reflects upon a given type and dynamically generates a GraphQLType that corresponds to it. [...]
enumTypeFromClassMirror(ClassMirror mirror) GraphQLEnumType
fieldFromGetter(Symbol name, MethodMirror mirror, Exclude exclude, ClassMirror clazz) GraphQLObjectField
mirrorsFieldResolver<T>(dynamic objectValue, String fieldName, [ Map<String, dynamic> objectValues ]) → T
Uses dart:mirrors to read field names from items. If they are Maps, performs a regular lookup.
objectTypeFromClassMirror(ClassMirror mirror) GraphQLObjectType