compareElementTimeWithSeparateItem method

  1. @override
TimeComparisonResult compareElementTimeWithSeparateItem(
  1. int elementNrA,
  2. T elementB

Performs compareTime for the item in the positions elementNrA and some separate elementB that's presumably not in the list, then returns the result.

Children my override this method to implement more efficient or custom algorithms, for example if they support overlapping time or if they have a way to do quick time comparisons without doing full item retrieval.


TimeComparisonResult compareElementTimeWithSeparateItem(
    int elementNrA, T elementB) {
  final elementTime = _getUint32(_elementNrToByteOffset(elementNrA));
  final itemTime = Conversions.gpsTimeToUint32(elementB.time);

  return compareIntRepresentationTime(elementTime, itemTime);