membership property Null safety

String? membership
read / write

Indicates whether the binding includes the principal. Possible string values are:

  • "MEMBERSHIP_UNSPECIFIED" : Default value. This value is unused.
  • "MEMBERSHIP_INCLUDED" : The binding includes the principal. The principal can be included directly or indirectly. For example: * A principal is included directly if that principal is listed in the binding.
  • A principal is included indirectly if that principal is in a Google group or Google Workspace domain that is listed in the binding.
  • "MEMBERSHIP_NOT_INCLUDED" : The binding does not include the principal.
  • "MEMBERSHIP_UNKNOWN_INFO_DENIED" : The sender of the request is not allowed to access the binding.
  • "MEMBERSHIP_UNKNOWN_UNSUPPORTED" : The principal is an unsupported type. Only Google Accounts and service accounts are supported.


core.String? membership;