state property Null safety

String? state
read / write

Describes the state of the subscription.

See more details at [the lifecycle of a subscription](/payments/reseller/subscription/reference/index/Receive.Notifications#payments-subscription-lifecycle).

Output only. Possible string values are:

  • "STATE_UNSPECIFIED" : The state is unspecified.
  • "STATE_CREATED" : The subscription is created, a state before it is moved to STATE_ACTIVE.
  • "STATE_ACTIVE" : The subscription is active.
  • "STATE_CANCELLED" : The subscription is cancelled.
  • "STATE_IN_GRACE_PERIOD" : The subscription has not been extended by the partner after the end of current cycle.
  • "STATE_CANCEL_AT_END_OF_CYCLE" : The subscription is waiting to be cancelled by the next recurrence cycle.


core.String? state;