SurveysResourceApi class


SurveysResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


hashCode → int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
runtimeType → Type
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delete(String surveyUrlId, { String $fields }) → Future<SurveysDeleteResponse>
Removes a survey from view in all user GET requests. [...]
get(String surveyUrlId, { String $fields }) → Future<Survey>
Retrieves information about the specified survey. [...]
insert(Survey request, { String $fields }) → Future<Survey>
Creates a survey. [...]
list({int maxResults, int startIndex, String token String $fields }) → Future<SurveysListResponse>
Lists the surveys owned by the authenticated user. [...]
start(SurveysStartRequest request, String resourceId, { String $fields }) → Future<SurveysStartResponse>
Begins running a survey. [...]
stop(String resourceId, { String $fields }) → Future<SurveysStopResponse>
Stops a running survey. [...]
update(Survey request, String surveyUrlId, { String $fields }) → Future<Survey>
Updates a survey. Currently the only property that can be updated is the owners property. [...]
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