status property

String status
read / write

Status of the job. This value MUST be specified for CreateTransferJobRequests.

Note: The effect of the new job status takes place during a subsequent job run. For example, if you change the job status from ENABLED to DISABLED, and an operation spawned by the transfer is running, the status change would not affect the current operation. Possible string values are:

  • "STATUS_UNSPECIFIED" : Zero is an illegal value.
  • "ENABLED" : New transfers will be performed based on the schedule.
  • "DISABLED" : New transfers will not be scheduled.
  • "DELETED" : This is a soft delete state. After a transfer job is set to this state, the job and all the transfer executions are subject to garbage collection. Transfer jobs become eligible for garbage collection 30 days after their status is set to DELETED.


core.String status