Connection class

Represents a private connection resource. A private connection is implemented as a VPC Network Peering connection between a service producer's VPC network and a service consumer's VPC network.


Connection.fromJson(Map _json)


network String
The name of service consumer's VPC network that's connected with service producer network, in the following format: projects/{project}/global/networks/{network}. {project} is a project number, such as in 12345 that includes the VPC service consumer's VPC network. {network} is the name of the service consumer's VPC network.
read / write
peering String
Output only. The name of the VPC Network Peering connection that was created by the service producer.
read / write
reservedPeeringRanges List<String>
The name of one or more allocated IP address ranges for this service producer of type PEERING. Note that invoking CreateConnection method with a different range when connection is already established will not modify already provisioned service producer subnetworks. If CreateConnection method is invoked repeatedly to reconnect when peering connection had been disconnected on the consumer side, leaving this field empty will restore previously allocated IP ranges.
read / write
service String
Output only. The name of the peering service that's associated with this connection, in the following format: services/{service name}.
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runtimeType Type
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
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toString() String
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