AddSubnetworkRequest class

Request to create a subnetwork in a previously peered service network.


AddSubnetworkRequest.fromJson(Map _json)


consumer String
Required. A resource that represents the service consumer, such as projects/123456. The project number can be different from the value in the consumer network parameter. For example, the network might be part of a Shared VPC network. In those cases, Service Networking validates that this resource belongs to that Shared VPC.
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consumerNetwork String
Required. The name of the service consumer's VPC network. The network must have an existing private connection that was provisioned through the connections.create method. The name must be in the following format: projects/{project}/global/networks/{network}, where {project} is a project number, such as 12345. {network} is the name of a VPC network in the project.
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description String
Optional. Description of the subnet.
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ipPrefixLength int
Required. The prefix length of the subnet's IP address range. Use CIDR range notation, such as 30 to provision a subnet with an x.x.x.x/30 CIDR range. The IP address range is drawn from a pool of available ranges in the service consumer's allocated range.
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privateIpv6GoogleAccess String
Optional. The private IPv6 google access type for the VMs in this subnet. For information about the access types that can be set using this field, see subnetwork in the Compute API documentation.
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region String
Required. The name of a region for the subnet, such europe-west1.
read / write
requestedAddress String
Optional. The starting address of a range. The address must be a valid IPv4 address in the x.x.x.x format. This value combined with the IP prefix range is the CIDR range for the subnet. The range must be within the allocated range that is assigned to the private connection. If the CIDR range isn't available, the call fails.
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subnetwork String
Required. A name for the new subnet. For information about the naming requirements, see subnetwork in the Compute API documentation.
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subnetworkUsers List<String>
A list of members that are granted the compute.networkUser role on the subnet.
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
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