ServicesConfigsResourceApi class


ServicesConfigsResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


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read-only, inherited
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create(Service request, String serviceName, {String $fields}) → Future<Service>
Creates a new service configuration (version) for a managed service. This method only stores the service configuration. To roll out the service configuration to backend systems please call CreateServiceRollout. [...]
get(String serviceName, String configId, {String view, String $fields}) → Future<Service>
Gets a service configuration (version) for a managed service. [...]
list(String serviceName, {String pageToken, int pageSize, String $fields}) → Future<ListServiceConfigsResponse>
Lists the history of the service configuration for a managed service, from the newest to the oldest. [...]
submit(SubmitConfigSourceRequest request, String serviceName, {String $fields}) → Future<Operation>
Creates a new service configuration (version) for a managed service based on user-supplied configuration source files (for example: OpenAPI Specification). This method stores the source configurations as well as the generated service configuration. To rollout the service configuration to other services, please call CreateServiceRollout. [...]
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