Quota class

Quota configuration helps to achieve fairness and budgeting in service usage. The metric based quota configuration works this way: - The service configuration defines a set of metrics. - For API calls, the quota.metric_rules maps methods to metrics with corresponding costs. - The quota.limits defines limits on the metrics, which will be used for quota checks at runtime. An example quota configuration in yaml format: quota: limits: - name: apiWriteQpsPerProject metric: library.googleapis.com/write_calls unit: "1/min/{project}" # rate limit for consumer projects values: STANDARD: 10000 # The metric rules bind all methods to the read_calls metric, # except for the UpdateBook and DeleteBook methods. These two methods # are mapped to the write_calls metric, with the UpdateBook method # consuming at twice rate as the DeleteBook method. metric_rules: - selector: "*" metric_costs: library.googleapis.com/read_calls: 1 - selector: google.example.library.v1.LibraryService.UpdateBook metric_costs: library.googleapis.com/write_calls: 2 - selector: google.example.library.v1.LibraryService.DeleteBook metric_costs: library.googleapis.com/write_calls: 1 Corresponding Metric definition: metrics: - name: library.googleapis.com/read_calls display_name: Read requests metric_kind: DELTA value_type: INT64 - name: library.googleapis.com/write_calls display_name: Write requests metric_kind: DELTA value_type: INT64


Quota.fromJson(Map _json)


hashCode int
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limits List<QuotaLimit>
List of QuotaLimit definitions for the service.
read / write
metricRules List<MetricRule>
List of MetricRule definitions, each one mapping a selected method to one or more metrics.
read / write
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
toString() String
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