BuildBazelRemoteExecutionV2RequestMetadata class

An optional Metadata to attach to any RPC request to tell the server about an external context of the request. The server may use this for logging or other purposes. To use it, the client attaches the header to the call using the canonical proto serialization: * name: build.bazel.remote.execution.v2.requestmetadata-bin * contents: the base64 encoded binary RequestMetadata message. Note: the gRPC library serializes binary headers encoded in base 64 by default ( Therefore, if the gRPC library is used to pass/retrieve this metadata, the user may ignore the base64 encoding and assume it is simply serialized as a binary message.


BuildBazelRemoteExecutionV2RequestMetadata.fromJson(Map _json)


actionId String
An identifier that ties multiple requests to the same action. For example, multiple requests to the CAS, Action Cache, and Execution API are used in order to compile
read / write
correlatedInvocationsId String
An identifier to tie multiple tool invocations together. For example, runs of foo_test, bar_test and baz_test on a post-submit of a given patch.
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runtimeType Type
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toolDetails BuildBazelRemoteExecutionV2ToolDetails
The details for the tool invoking the requests.
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toolInvocationId String
An identifier that ties multiple actions together to a final result. For example, multiple actions are required to build and run foo_test.
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
toString() String
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