dataSourceType property

String dataSourceType
read / write

The type of measurement. Possible string values are:

  • "UNSPECIFIED_DATA_SOURCE_TYPE" : An unspecified data source type. This corresponds to google.api.MetricDescriptor.MetricKind.METRIC_KIND_UNSPECIFIED.
  • "GAUGE" : An instantaneous measurement of a varying quantity. This corresponds to google.api.MetricDescriptor.MetricKind.GAUGE.
  • "COUNTER" : A cumulative value over time. This corresponds to google.api.MetricDescriptor.MetricKind.CUMULATIVE.
  • "DERIVE" : A rate of change of the measurement.
  • "ABSOLUTE" : An amount of change since the last measurement interval. This corresponds to google.api.MetricDescriptor.MetricKind.DELTA.


core.String dataSourceType