ProjectsJobsResourceApi class


ProjectsJobsResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


hashCode int
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cancel(GoogleCloudMlV1CancelJobRequest request, String name, {String $fields}) Future<GoogleProtobufEmpty>
Cancels a running job. [...]
create(GoogleCloudMlV1Job request, String parent, {String $fields}) Future<GoogleCloudMlV1Job>
Creates a training or a batch prediction job. [...]
get(String name, {String $fields}) Future<GoogleCloudMlV1Job>
Describes a job. [...]
getIamPolicy(String resource, {int options_requestedPolicyVersion, String $fields}) Future<GoogleIamV1Policy>
Gets the access control policy for a resource. Returns an empty policy if the resource exists and does not have a policy set. [...]
list(String parent, {String filter, int pageSize, String pageToken, String $fields}) Future<GoogleCloudMlV1ListJobsResponse>
Lists the jobs in the project. If there are no jobs that match the request parameters, the list request returns an empty response body: {}. [...]
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed. [...]
patch(GoogleCloudMlV1Job request, String name, {String updateMask, String $fields}) Future<GoogleCloudMlV1Job>
Updates a specific job resource. Currently the only supported fields to update are labels. [...]
setIamPolicy(GoogleIamV1SetIamPolicyRequest request, String resource, {String $fields}) Future<GoogleIamV1Policy>
Sets the access control policy on the specified resource. Replaces any existing policy. Can return NOT_FOUND, INVALID_ARGUMENT, and PERMISSION_DENIED errors. [...]
testIamPermissions(GoogleIamV1TestIamPermissionsRequest request, String resource, {String $fields}) Future<GoogleIamV1TestIamPermissionsResponse>
Returns permissions that a caller has on the specified resource. If the resource does not exist, this will return an empty set of permissions, not a NOT_FOUND error. Note: This operation is designed to be used for building permission-aware UIs and command-line tools, not for authorization checking. This operation may "fail open" without warning. [...]
toString() String
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operator ==(Object other) bool
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