list method

Future<AchievementConfigurationListResponse> list (
  1. String applicationId,
  2. {int maxResults,
  3. String pageToken,
  4. String $fields}

Returns a list of the achievement configurations in this application.

Request parameters:

applicationId - The application ID from the Google Play developer console.

maxResults - The maximum number of resource configurations to return in the response, used for paging. For any response, the actual number of resources returned may be less than the specified maxResults.

pageToken - The token returned by the previous request.

$fields - Selector specifying which fields to include in a partial response.

Completes with a AchievementConfigurationListResponse.

Completes with a commons.ApiRequestError if the API endpoint returned an error.

If the used http.Client completes with an error when making a REST call, this method will complete with the same error.


async.Future<AchievementConfigurationListResponse> list(
    core.String applicationId,
    { maxResults,
    core.String pageToken,
    core.String $fields}) {
  var _url;
  var _queryParams = new core.Map<core.String, core.List<core.String>>();
  var _uploadMedia;
  var _uploadOptions;
  var _downloadOptions = commons.DownloadOptions.Metadata;
  var _body;

  if (applicationId == null) {
    throw new core.ArgumentError("Parameter applicationId is required.");
  if (maxResults != null) {
    _queryParams["maxResults"] = ["${maxResults}"];
  if (pageToken != null) {
    _queryParams["pageToken"] = [pageToken];
  if ($fields != null) {
    _queryParams["fields"] = [$fields];

  _url = 'games/v1configuration/applications/' +
      commons.Escaper.ecapeVariable('$applicationId') +

  var _response = _requester.request(_url, "GET",
      body: _body,
      queryParams: _queryParams,
      uploadOptions: _uploadOptions,
      uploadMedia: _uploadMedia,
      downloadOptions: _downloadOptions);
  return _response.then(
      (data) => new AchievementConfigurationListResponse.fromJson(data));