fields property

Map<String, Value> fields
read / write

The document's fields.

The map keys represent field names.

A simple field name contains only characters a to z, A to Z, 0 to 9, or _, and must not start with 0 to 9. For example, foo_bar_17.

Field names matching the regular expression __.*__ are reserved. Reserved field names are forbidden except in certain documented contexts. The map keys, represented as UTF-8, must not exceed 1,500 bytes and cannot be empty.

Field paths may be used in other contexts to refer to structured fields defined here. For map_value, the field path is represented by the simple or quoted field names of the containing fields, delimited by .. For example, the structured field "foo" : { map_value: { "x&y" : { string_value: "hello" }}} would be represented by the field path foo.x&y.

Within a field path, a quoted field name starts and ends with ` and may contain any character. Some characters, including `, must be escaped using a \. For example, `x&y` represents x&y and `bak\`tik` represents bak`tik.


core.Map<core.String, Value> fields