InsertionOrderBudgetSegment class

Settings that control the budget of a single budget segment.


InsertionOrderBudgetSegment.fromJson(Map _json)


budgetAmountMicros String
Required. The budget amount the insertion order will spend for the given date_range. The amount is in micros. Must be greater than 0. For example, 500000000 represents 500 standard units of the currency.
read / write
campaignBudgetId String
The ID of the campaign budget linked to this insertion order budget segment.
read / write
dateRange DateRange
Required. The start and end date settings of the budget segment. They are resolved relative to the parent advertiser's time zone. * When creating a new budget segment, both start_date and end_date must be in the future. * An existing budget segment with a start_date in the past has a mutable end_date but an immutable start_date. * end_date must be the start_date or later, both before the year 2037.
read / write
description String
The budget segment description. It can be used to enter Purchase Order information for each budget segment and have that information printed on the invoices. Must be UTF-8 encoded with a length of no more than 80 characters.
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
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