CmHybridConfig class

Settings for advertisers that use both Campaign Manager (CM) and third-party ad servers.


CmHybridConfig.fromJson(Map _json)


cmAccountId String
Required. Immutable. Account ID of the CM Floodlight configuration linked with the DV360 advertiser.
read / write
cmFloodlightConfigId String
Required. Immutable. ID of the CM Floodlight configuration linked with the DV360 advertiser.
read / write
cmFloodlightLinkingAuthorized bool
Required. Immutable. By setting this field to true, you, on behalf of your company, authorize the sharing of information from the given Floodlight configuration to this Display & Video 360 advertiser.
read / write
cmSyncableSiteIds List<String>
A list of CM sites whose placements will be synced to DV360 as creatives. If absent or empty in CreateAdvertiser method, the system will automatically create a CM site. Removing sites from this list may cause DV360 creatives synced from CM to be deleted. At least one site must be specified.
read / write
dv360ToCmCostReportingEnabled bool
Whether or not to report DV360 cost to CM.
read / write
dv360ToCmDataSharingEnabled bool
Whether or not to include DV360 data in CM data transfer reports.
read / write
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