NodeConfig class

Parameters that describe the nodes in a cluster.


NodeConfig.fromJson(Map _json)


accelerators ↔ List<AcceleratorConfig>
A list of hardware accelerators to be attached to each node. See for more information about support for GPUs.
read / write
diskSizeGb ↔ int
Size of the disk attached to each node, specified in GB. The smallest allowed disk size is 10GB. [...]
read / write
diskType ↔ String
Type of the disk attached to each node (e.g. 'pd-standard' or 'pd-ssd') [...]
read / write
imageType ↔ String
The image type to use for this node. Note that for a given image type, the latest version of it will be used.
read / write
labels ↔ Map<String, String>
The map of Kubernetes labels (key/value pairs) to be applied to each node. These will added in addition to any default label(s) that Kubernetes may apply to the node. In case of conflict in label keys, the applied set may differ depending on the Kubernetes version -- it's best to assume the behavior is undefined and conflicts should be avoided. For more information, including usage and the valid values, see:
read / write
localSsdCount ↔ int
The number of local SSD disks to be attached to the node. [...]
read / write
machineType ↔ String
The name of a Google Compute Engine machine type (e.g. n1-standard-1). [...]
read / write
metadata ↔ Map<String, String>
The metadata key/value pairs assigned to instances in the cluster. [...]
read / write
minCpuPlatform ↔ String
Minimum CPU platform to be used by this instance. The instance may be scheduled on the specified or newer CPU platform. Applicable values are the friendly names of CPU platforms, such as minCpuPlatform: "Intel Haswell" or minCpuPlatform: "Intel Sandy Bridge". For more information, read how to specify min CPU platform
read / write
oauthScopes ↔ List<String>
The set of Google API scopes to be made available on all of the node VMs under the "default" service account. [...]
read / write
preemptible ↔ bool
Whether the nodes are created as preemptible VM instances. See: for more information about preemptible VM instances.
read / write
serviceAccount ↔ String
The Google Cloud Platform Service Account to be used by the node VMs. If no Service Account is specified, the "default" service account is used.
read / write
tags ↔ List<String>
The list of instance tags applied to all nodes. Tags are used to identify valid sources or targets for network firewalls and are specified by the client during cluster or node pool creation. Each tag within the list must comply with RFC1035.
read / write
taints ↔ List<NodeTaint>
List of kubernetes taints to be applied to each node. [...]
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toJson() → Map<String, Object>
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toString() → String
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operator ==(dynamic other) → bool
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