maxDoublings property

int maxDoublings
read / write

The time between retries will double max_doublings times. A task's retry interval starts at min_backoff, then doubles max_doublings times, then increases linearly, and finally retries at intervals of max_backoff up to max_attempts times. For example, if min_backoff is 10s, max_backoff is 300s, and max_doublings is 3, then the a task will first be retried in 10s. The retry interval will double three times, and then increase linearly by 2^3 * 10s. Finally, the task will retry at intervals of max_backoff until the task has been attempted max_attempts times. Thus, the requests will retry at 10s, 20s, 40s, 80s, 160s, 240s, 300s, 300s, .... If unspecified when the queue is created, Cloud Tasks will pick the default. This field has the same meaning as max_doublings in queue.yaml/xml.

Implementation maxDoublings;