state property

String state
read / write

Output only. The state of the queue. state can only be changed by called PauseQueue, ResumeQueue, or uploading queue.yaml/xml. UpdateQueue cannot be used to change state. Possible string values are:

  • "STATE_UNSPECIFIED" : Unspecified state.
  • "RUNNING" : The queue is running. Tasks can be dispatched. If the queue was created using Cloud Tasks and the queue has had no activity (method calls or task dispatches) for 30 days, the queue may take a few minutes to re-activate. Some method calls may return NOT_FOUND and tasks may not be dispatched for a few minutes until the queue has been re-activated.
  • "PAUSED" : Tasks are paused by the user. If the queue is paused then Cloud Tasks will stop delivering tasks from it, but more tasks can still be added to it by the user.
  • "DISABLED" : The queue is disabled. A queue becomes DISABLED when queue.yaml or queue.xml is uploaded which does not contain the queue. You cannot directly disable a queue. When a queue is disabled, tasks can still be added to a queue but the tasks are not dispatched. To permanently delete this queue and all of its tasks, call DeleteQueue.


core.String state;