rateLimits property

RateLimits rateLimits
read / write

Rate limits for task dispatches.

rate_limits and retry_config are related because they both control task attempts. However they control task attempts in different ways:

  • rate_limits controls the total rate of dispatches from a queue (i.e. all traffic dispatched from the queue, regardless of whether the dispatch is from a first attempt or a retry).
  • retry_config controls what happens to particular a task after its first attempt fails. That is, retry_config controls task retries (the second attempt, third attempt, etc).

The queue's actual dispatch rate is the result of:

  • Number of tasks in the queue
  • User-specified throttling: rate_limits, retry_config, and the queue's state.
  • System throttling due to 429 (Too Many Requests) or 503 (Service Unavailable) responses from the worker, high error rates, or to smooth sudden large traffic spikes.


RateLimits rateLimits