RegistrationsResourceApi class


RegistrationsResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


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create(Registration request, {String $fields}) Future<Registration>
Creates a Registration, causing Classroom to start sending notifications from the provided feed to the destination provided in cloudPubSubTopic. Returns the created Registration. Currently, this will be the same as the argument, but with server-assigned fields such as expiry_time and id filled in. Note that any value specified for the expiry_time or id fields will be ignored. While Classroom may validate the cloudPubSubTopic and return errors on a best effort basis, it is the caller's responsibility to ensure that it exists and that Classroom has permission to publish to it. This method may return the following error codes: * PERMISSION_DENIED if: * the authenticated user does not have permission to receive notifications from the requested field; or * the current user has not granted access to the current Cloud project with the appropriate scope for the requested feed. Note that domain-wide delegation of authority is not currently supported for this purpose. If the request has the appropriate scope, but no grant exists, a Request Errors is returned. * another access error is encountered. * INVALID_ARGUMENT if: [...]
delete(String registrationId, {String $fields}) Future<Empty>
Deletes a Registration, causing Classroom to stop sending notifications for that Registration. [...]
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