CreateTableRequest class

Request message for google.bigtable.admin.v2.BigtableTableAdmin.CreateTable


CreateTableRequest.fromJson(Map _json)


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initialSplits List<Split>
The optional list of row keys that will be used to initially split the table into several tablets (tablets are similar to HBase regions). Given two split keys, s1 and s2, three tablets will be created, spanning the key ranges: [, s1), [s1, s2), [s2, ). Example: * Row keys := ["a", "apple", "custom", "customer_1", "customer_2", "other", "zz"] * initial_split_keys := ["apple", "customer_1", "customer_2", "other"] * Key assignment: - Tablet 1 [, apple) => {"a"}. - Tablet 2 [apple, customer_1) => {"apple", "custom"}. - Tablet 3 [customer_1, customer_2) => {"customer_1"}. - Tablet 4 [customer_2, other) => {"customer_2"}. - Tablet 5 [other, ) => {"other", "zz"}.
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runtimeType Type
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table Table
Required. The Table to create.
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tableId String
Required. The name by which the new table should be referred to within the parent instance, e.g., foobar rather than {parent}/tables/foobar. Maximum 50 characters.
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
toString() String
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