ProjectsDataSourcesResourceApi class


ProjectsDataSourcesResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


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checkValidCreds(CheckValidCredsRequest request, String name, {String $fields}) Future<CheckValidCredsResponse>
Returns true if valid credentials exist for the given data source and requesting user. Some data sources doesn't support service account, so we need to talk to them on behalf of the end user. This API just checks whether we have OAuth token for the particular user, which is a pre-requisite before user can create a transfer config. [...]
get(String name, {String $fields}) Future<DataSource>
Retrieves a supported data source and returns its settings, which can be used for UI rendering. [...]
list(String parent, {String pageToken, int pageSize, String $fields}) Future<ListDataSourcesResponse>
Lists supported data sources and returns their settings, which can be used for UI rendering. [...]
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toString() String
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