AuthorizedCertificate class

An SSL certificate that a user has been authorized to administer. A user is authorized to administer any certificate that applies to one of their authorized domains.


AuthorizedCertificate.fromJson(Map _json)


certificateRawData CertificateRawData
The SSL certificate serving the AuthorizedCertificate resource. This must be obtained independently from a certificate authority.
read / write
displayName String
The user-specified display name of the certificate. This is not guaranteed to be unique. Example: My Certificate.
read / write
domainMappingsCount int
Aggregate count of the domain mappings with this certificate mapped. This count includes domain mappings on applications for which the user does not have VIEWER permissions.Only returned by GET or LIST requests when specifically requested by the view=FULL_CERTIFICATE option.@OutputOnly
read / write
domainNames List<String>
Topmost applicable domains of this certificate. This certificate applies to these domains and their subdomains. Example:
read / write
expireTime String
The time when this certificate expires. To update the renewal time on this certificate, upload an SSL certificate with a different expiration time using AuthorizedCertificates.UpdateAuthorizedCertificate.@OutputOnly
read / write
id String
Relative name of the certificate. This is a unique value autogenerated on AuthorizedCertificate resource creation. Example: 12345.@OutputOnly
read / write
managedCertificate ManagedCertificate
Only applicable if this certificate is managed by App Engine. Managed certificates are tied to the lifecycle of a DomainMapping and cannot be updated or deleted via the AuthorizedCertificates API. If this certificate is manually administered by the user, this field will be empty.@OutputOnly
read / write
name String
Full path to the AuthorizedCertificate resource in the API. Example: apps/myapp/authorizedCertificates/12345.@OutputOnly
read / write
visibleDomainMappings List<String>
The full paths to user visible Domain Mapping resources that have this certificate mapped. Example: apps/myapp/domainMappings/ may not represent the full list of mapped domain mappings if the user does not have VIEWER permissions on all of the applications that have this certificate mapped. See domain_mappings_count for a complete count.Only returned by GET or LIST requests when specifically requested by the view=FULL_CERTIFICATE option.@OutputOnly
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runtimeType Type
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toJson() Map<String, Object>
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toString() String
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