AppsServicesVersionsResourceApi class


AppsServicesVersionsResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


instances AppsServicesVersionsInstancesResourceApi
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read-only, inherited
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create(Version request, String appsId, { String servicesId, { String $fields }) → Future<Operation>
Deploys code and resource files to a new version. [...]
delete(String appsId, { String servicesId, { String versionsId, { String $fields }) → Future<Operation>
Deletes an existing Version resource. [...]
get(String appsId, { String servicesId, { String versionsId, { String view String $fields }) → Future<Version>
Gets the specified Version resource. By default, only a BASIC_VIEW will be returned. Specify the FULL_VIEW parameter to get the full resource. [...]
list(String appsId, { String servicesId, { String pageToken int pageSize, String view String $fields }) → Future<ListVersionsResponse>
Lists the versions of a service. [...]
patch(Version request, String appsId, { String servicesId, { String versionsId, { String updateMask String $fields }) → Future<Operation>
Updates the specified Version resource. You can specify the following fields depending on the App Engine environment and type of scaling that the version resource uses:Standard environment instance_class ( scaling in the standard environment: automatic_scaling.min_idle_instances ( automatic_scaling.max_idle_instances ( automaticScaling.standard_scheduler_settings.max_instances ( automaticScaling.standard_scheduler_settings.min_instances ( automaticScaling.standard_scheduler_settings.target_cpu_utilization ( automaticScaling.standard_scheduler_settings.target_throughput_utilization ( scaling or manual scaling in the standard environment: serving_status ( environment serving_status ( scaling in the flexible environment: automatic_scaling.min_total_instances ( automatic_scaling.max_total_instances ( automatic_scaling.cool_down_period_sec ( automatic_scaling.cpu_utilization.target_utilization ( [...]
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operator ==(dynamic other) → bool
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