AppsServicesVersionsInstancesResourceApi class


AppsServicesVersionsInstancesResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


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debug(DebugInstanceRequest request, String appsId, String servicesId, String versionsId, String instancesId, {String $fields}) Future<Operation>
Enables debugging on a VM instance. This allows you to use the SSH command to connect to the virtual machine where the instance lives. While in "debug mode", the instance continues to serve live traffic. You should delete the instance when you are done debugging and then allow the system to take over and determine if another instance should be started.Only applicable for instances in App Engine flexible environment. [...]
delete(String appsId, String servicesId, String versionsId, String instancesId, {String $fields}) Future<Operation>
Stops a running instance.The instance might be automatically recreated based on the scaling settings of the version. For more information, see "How Instances are Managed" (standard environment ( | flexible environment ( ensure that instances are not re-created and avoid getting billed, you can stop all instances within the target version by changing the serving status of the version to STOPPED with the ( method. [...]
get(String appsId, String servicesId, String versionsId, String instancesId, {String $fields}) Future<Instance>
Gets instance information. [...]
list(String appsId, String servicesId, String versionsId, {int pageSize, String pageToken, String $fields}) Future<ListInstancesResponse>
Lists the instances of a version.Tip: To aggregate details about instances over time, see the Stackdriver Monitoring API ( [...]
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