PartnersDevicesResourceApi class


PartnersDevicesResourceApi(ApiRequester client)


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claim(ClaimDeviceRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<ClaimDeviceResponse>
Claims a device for a customer and adds it to zero-touch enrollment. If the device is already claimed by another customer, the call returns an error. [...]
claimAsync(ClaimDevicesRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<Operation>
Claims a batch of devices for a customer asynchronously. Adds the devices to zero-touch enrollment. To learn more, read Long‑running batch operations. [...]
findByIdentifier(FindDevicesByDeviceIdentifierRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<FindDevicesByDeviceIdentifierResponse>
Finds devices by hardware identifiers, such as IMEI. [...]
findByOwner(FindDevicesByOwnerRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<FindDevicesByOwnerResponse>
Finds devices claimed for customers. The results only contain devices registered to the reseller that's identified by the partnerId argument. The customer's devices purchased from other resellers don't appear in the results. [...]
get(String name, {String $fields}) Future<Device>
Gets a device. [...]
metadata(UpdateDeviceMetadataRequest request, String metadataOwnerId, String deviceId, {String $fields}) Future<DeviceMetadata>
Updates reseller metadata associated with the device. [...]
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toString() String
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unclaim(UnclaimDeviceRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<Empty>
Unclaims a device from a customer and removes it from zero-touch enrollment. [...]
unclaimAsync(UnclaimDevicesRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<Operation>
Unclaims a batch of devices for a customer asynchronously. Removes the devices from zero-touch enrollment. To learn more, read Long‑running batch operations. [...]
updateMetadataAsync(UpdateDeviceMetadataInBatchRequest request, String partnerId, {String $fields}) Future<Operation>
Updates the reseller metadata attached to a batch of devices. This method updates devices asynchronously and returns an Operation that can be used to track progress. Read Long‑running batch operations. [...]


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