Configuration class

A configuration collects the provisioning options for Android devices. Each configuration combines the following: * The EMM device policy controller (DPC) installed on the devices. * EMM policies enforced on the devices. * Metadata displayed on the device to help users during setup. Customers can add as many configurations as they need. However, zero-touch enrollment works best when a customer sets a default configuration that's applied to any new devices the organization purchases.


Configuration.fromJson(Map _json)


companyName ↔ String
Required. The name of the organization. Zero-touch enrollment shows this organization name to device users during device provisioning.
read / write
configurationId ↔ String
Output only. The ID of the configuration. Assigned by the server.
read / write
configurationName ↔ String
Required. A short name that describes the configuration's purpose. For example, Sales team or Temporary employees. The zero-touch enrollment portal displays this name to IT admins.
read / write
contactEmail ↔ String
Required. The email address that device users can contact to get help. Zero-touch enrollment shows this email address to device users before device provisioning. The value is validated on input.
read / write
contactPhone ↔ String
Required. The telephone number that device users can call, using another device, to get help. Zero-touch enrollment shows this number to device users before device provisioning. Accepts numerals, spaces, the plus sign, hyphens, and parentheses.
read / write
customMessage ↔ String
A message, containing one or two sentences, to help device users get help or give them more details about what’s happening to their device. Zero-touch enrollment shows this message before the device is provisioned.
read / write
dpcExtras ↔ String
The JSON-formatted EMM provisioning extras that are passed to the DPC.
read / write
dpcResourcePath ↔ String
Required. The resource name of the selected DPC (device policy controller) in the format customers/[CUSTOMER_ID]/dpcs / *. To list the supported DPCs, call customers.dpcs.list.
read / write
hashCode → int
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read-only, inherited
isDefault ↔ bool
Required. Whether this is the default configuration that zero-touch enrollment applies to any new devices the organization purchases in the future. Only one customer configuration can be the default. Setting this value to true, changes the previous default configuration's isDefault value to false.
read / write
name ↔ String
Output only. The API resource name in the format customers/[CUSTOMER_ID]/configurations/[CONFIGURATION_ID]. Assigned by the server.
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runtimeType → Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
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toJson() → Map<String, Object>
toString() → String
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