site property Null safety

String? site
read / write

Web assets are identified by a URL that contains only the scheme, hostname and port parts.

The format is http[s]://[:] Hostnames must be fully qualified: they must end in a single period ("."). Only the schemes "http" and "https" are currently allowed. Port numbers are given as a decimal number, and they must be omitted if the standard port numbers are used: 80 for http and 443 for https. We call this limited URL the "site". All URLs that share the same scheme, hostname and port are considered to be a part of the site and thus belong to the web asset. Example: the asset with the site contains all these URLs: * * * * * * But it does not contain these URLs: * (wrong scheme) * (hostname does not match) * (port does not match) REQUIRED


core.String? site;