airflowConfigOverrides property Null safety

Map<String, String>? airflowConfigOverrides
read / write

Apache Airflow configuration properties to override.

Property keys contain the section and property names, separated by a hyphen, for example "core-dags_are_paused_at_creation". Section names must not contain hyphens ("-"), opening square brackets ("["), or closing square brackets ("]"). The property name must not be empty and must not contain an equals sign ("=") or semicolon (";"). Section and property names must not contain a period ("."). Apache Airflow configuration property names must be written in snake_case. Property values can contain any character, and can be written in any lower/upper case format. Certain Apache Airflow configuration property values are [blocked](/composer/docs/concepts/airflow-configurations), and cannot be overridden.



core.Map<core.String, core.String>? airflowConfigOverrides;