GoogleCloudBillingBudgetsV1ThresholdRule class Null safety

ThresholdRule contains the definition of a threshold.

Threshold rules define the triggering events used to generate a budget notification email. When a threshold is crossed (spend exceeds the specified percentages of the budget), budget alert emails are sent to the email recipients you specify in the [NotificationsRule](#notificationsrule). Threshold rules also affect the fields included in the JSON data object sent to a Pub/Sub topic. Threshold rules are required if using email notifications. Threshold rules are optional if only setting a [pubsubTopic NotificationsRule](#NotificationsRule), unless you want your JSON data object to include data about the thresholds you set. For more information, see set budget threshold rules and actions.


GoogleCloudBillingBudgetsV1ThresholdRule({String? spendBasis, double? thresholdPercent})
GoogleCloudBillingBudgetsV1ThresholdRule.fromJson(Map _json)


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spendBasis String?
The type of basis used to determine if spend has passed the threshold. [...]
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thresholdPercent double?
Send an alert when this threshold is exceeded. [...]
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toJson() Map<String, dynamic>
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