monitoringNotificationChannels property Null safety

List<String>? monitoringNotificationChannels
read / write

Email targets to send notifications to when a threshold is exceeded.

This is in addition to the DefaultIamRecipients who receive alert emails based on their billing account IAM role. The value is the full REST resource name of a Cloud Monitoring email notification channel with the form projects/{project_id}/notificationChannels/{channel_id}. A maximum of 5 email notifications are allowed. To customize budget alert email recipients with monitoring notification channels, you must create the monitoring notification channels before you link them to a budget. For guidance on setting up notification channels to use with budgets, see Customize budget alert email recipients. For Cloud Billing budget alerts, you must use email notification channels. The other types of notification channels are not supported, such as Slack, SMS, or PagerDuty. If you want to send budget notifications to Slack, use a pubsubTopic and configure programmatic notifications.



core.List<core.String>? monitoringNotificationChannels;